Industry Report

Industry Report 2021: Healthcare Services Sector in Cambodia

The demand for private health services has continued to rise in tandem with the rapid economic growth, showing promising signs for investment into the private sector. The report is aimed at offering a glimpse on the overall healthcare system in Cambodia, highlighting the key investment points and opportunities that potential investors should consider...

14th May 2021

Industry Report

Industry Report 2020: Banking and Microfinance Sector in Cambodia

Cambodia has relied primarily on the banking and microfinance sector to finance business growth as the Kingdom’s capital market still remains at its infancy and may not meaningfully serve as alternative financing sources to bank or MFI loans...

02nd September 2020

Industry Report

Industry Report 2019: Securities Sector in Lao PDR

The Lao stock market has been growing faster—in terms of listed companies, total market capitalization, and trading activities—than its Cambodian counterpart although the bourse began trading just one year earlier...

14th October 2019

Industry Report

Industry Report 2018: Financial Leasing in Cambodia

Although it seems to be a good investment opportunity, not much is known about this sector. For this purpose, the research report is aimed to offer an in-depth study on the leasing business activities in Cambodia, bringing to light what would be the opportunities and risks involved if investment decision has to be made...

24th July 2018

Industry Report

Industry Report 2017: Insurance/Reinsurance Industry in Cambodia

From 2000, with Cambodia moving towards a free market economy, the regulatory framework that governs the insurance industry had been substantially reviewed. The Law on Insurance Business Establishment was updated with the Law on Insurance 2000, followed by the Sub-decree on Insurance in 2001 and several Prakas and Circulas...

01st July 2017

Industry Report

Industry Report 2016: Private Education Sector in Cambodia

While information on public education in Cambodia is widely available, that on private education is very limited and not well documented. The purpose of this report is, thus, to try to document this sector using any information collected from any sources that we consider reliable...

15th June 2016

Industry Report

Industry Report 2016: Microfinance in Cambodia

This research report provides latest-as-possible information on microfinance sector in Cambodia....

10th May 2016